2014 The Bryce, Burneside

Saturday 14th June – Informal Concert


Strike up the band–Gershwin, arr. Woodfield
Pirates of the Caribbean–Soundtrack Highlights–Badelt, arr. Ricketts
Copacabana–Manilow, arr. Saucedo
The music of James Bond (Bond theme, Tomorrow never dies, Goldeneye)–arr.Bocook
Theme from the film The Great Escape–Elmer Bernstein, arr. Pegram
Sabre Dance–Khachaturian, arr. Bullock
Black magic woman–Peter Green, arr.Saucedo
The Dambusters–Coates, arr. Duthoit


Marche Lorraine–Louis Ganne
Belle of the Ball–Leroy Anderson
Selections from The Phantom of the Opera–Lloyd Webber, arr. Barker
The Lord of the Dance–Hardiman, arr. Saucedo
Stevie Wonder in concert–arr. Paul Murtha