Former Members

I must have joined the band in its first year when I was 18. I had always fancied playing the clarinet and Malcolm Dawson offered to teach me and the band loaned me a clarinet until I had one of my own. Malcolm was a very good teacher. He was head of the Commercial or Secretarial department at the local Allen Technical Institute and I was soon really enjoying my time in the band.

We played in competitions at Morecambe and played concerts all over the area for various charities and we used to do a strange sort of auction with the some local ladies who used to model all the jumble contributed and it was auctioned off. I bought my first bicycle at one of these auctions. Ted Lawton was a good leader but Reg Griffiths, who was a teacher at the Lakes School, was also a very good deputy. One year we did a concert at Morecambe for the lifeboat institute and the President invited us back for supper at Leighton Hall – a very grand place – we felt very special.

She invited a reduced number of us to play for christmas carols. We sat in the front porch and the local villages were all in the hall and up the stairs. I have very happy memories of being in the band and am very grateful to it for what it did for me.

Regards Val Edwards